The Silent Mile
Please remember that The Silent Mile is for ALL people that believe in each citizen’s right to due process.

What is The Silent Mile?
The Silent Mile is a coordinated silent protest responding to the escalating murders of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and the growing number of other victims who have experienced police violence without a fair trial. An approximately mile long march symbolized in a funeral march from the Hague Bridge to Flat Iron Park in Downtown Norfolk.

What do we stand for?
The Silent Mile is a community group that crosses boundaries of ethnicity, class, gender, ability, sexuality, and religion. We are not anti-police. We are pro-accountability. We are anti-violence. We are pro-action. We are anti- division. We are pro-intersectionality.

What are our goals/ What’s Next?
Police accountability
Ally Advocacy
Defending the Right to Due Process and Equal Protection Under the Law

What does the event entail?
It will include a silent march (route is being determined), a “Breaking the Silence” ceremony followed by a peaceful demonstration.

When is the event?
Wednesday July 13th, on the one week anniversary of the murders of both Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

What time does it begin?

What time does it end?
approximately by 7:00pm

Where do we meet?
The Hague Foot bridge in Downtown Norfolk.

Is there parking?
Yes there is near the meet-up point. We suggest, however, that you carpool, walk, or bike. Parking may be limited due to our increasing number of participants.

Is this going to happen rain or shine?
It will happen regardless of the weather. Dress accordingly.

Can I arrive early to the event?
We advise people not to show up to the location until 4:30, allowing proper preparation to take place.

What if I can’t arrive at the time of event?
Anytime you can make it to the event, your presence will be impactful.

Is this a child-friendly event?
Yes it is. But it is a mile long walk and symbolic funeral procession. If your child may be disruptive or uncomfortable we recommend meeting at FLAT IRON PARK on the corner of Brambleton & Granby to participate.

What about police?
We are currently working with local officials regarding their involvement.

Is this a Black Lives Matter event?
We are in solidarity with BLM, but this is not a BLM sponsored event.

What should I do now?
Please continue to express your support for this event  -and other like it- in our Facebook Group, share information, and attend other peaceful demonstrations throughout Hampton Roads.

    Share info about The Silent Mile. Here is a link to the flyers we are handing out. Feel free to print them at home and pass them out wherever you go. (It is a two-sided flyer)


Lastly, make your voices heard!
Contact your government officials

The Virginia Senators in the 114th Congress

Tim Kaine:
231 Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-4024

Mark R Warner:
475 Russell Senate Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-2023

And tell them (please feel free to copy and paste):
It’s time to take action against extrajudicial violence against African Americans in violation of their 14th Amendment right to due process and equal protection under the law. Our hope is that the silent mile will be a catalyst for change in ally advocacy, police accountability, and defending the right to due process and equal protection under the law. Please use your voice and platform to raise the concerns of the community and walk with us on the Silent Mile.

In the meantime, please prepare your materials for the march, whether they are posters or T-shirts. Let your materials speak for you as this is a silent and peaceful event. Also, be aware that you may be photographed or videoed while supporting this event. Until new information is dispersed, please be patient and do attend other demonstrations around Hampton Roads. Thank you for your patience as we finalize all things for Wednesday.

*If any this information changes, it will be updated in our Group/Event ASAP.*